This center was established in 1988 to promote the society prosperity by conducting advanced research and for selecting and developing people, by means of knowledge generation.
The National Institute of Information and Decision Systems (INCT-INSID) is an inter-institutional scientific network of cooperation with national and international scope for developing advanced research and applications on decision making and aiding (including multicriteria and multiobjective methods – MCDM-A, and group decision and negotiation – GDN). Network of brazilian researchers and several international partners with support of companies; research centers; research support entities; public agencies and funding agencies.

FITradeoff is a Flexible and Interactive multicriteria method for additive models, in MAVT scope, based on Tradeoff elicitation procedure.

This book integrates multiple criteria concepts and multicriteria methods for problems within the Risk, Reliability and Maintenance (RRM) context. The book also includes many research advances in these topics. Most of the multicriteria decision models that are described are specific applications that have been influenced by this research and the advances in this field. The book is structured in 12 chapters.

The eleventh edition of SIDS, Seminar of Information and Decision Systems organized since 2008, will take place from 5 to 7 December. Know more

The aim of the school was to give to doctoral students/young researchers a state-of-the-art presentation of multiple criteria methods, applications and software. This MCDA/MCDM Summer School ocurred in Recife/Brazil in July 2016. The Program includes following topics: Introduction to MCDA/MCDM; Applications in real world problems; Value-Focused Thinking and Problem Structuring; Preference Modelling; Outranking Methods; MAVT/MAUT (Multi-Attribute Value/Utility Theory); Robust Ordinal Regression; Decision Rule Approach; MCDM Group Decision; Interactive Methods of Multiobjective Optimization (IMMO); Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization (MOCO); Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization (EMO); Fuzzy Modeling in MCDM Problems; Decision Deck; Scientific writing and publication strategy; MCDM community and History; Caseworks

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