CDSID - Centro de Desenvolvimento Sistemas de Informação e Decisão | Center for Decision Systems and Information Development

More about CDSID

In 2020, CDSID went through a restructuring process, with decentralization of some actions, which occurred through the creation and incubation of other research groups, which are listed in the ‘Partners’ tab (Research Groups). Thus, several researchers started to work only in the groups that were incubated by CDSID. There was also a restructuring of assignments between CDSID and INCT-INSID, so that these researchers, previously members of CDSID, became members of INCT-INSID, via those new research groups. Thus, the scope of CDSID activities is now more focused on decision support methods and models, and INCT-INSID focuses its efforts on integration between partners who are former members of CDSID, in addition to associated laboratories of other Universities.